Manufacturing of corrugated board products (goods):
- Corrugated board rolls;
- Corrugated board sheets;
- Corrugated board boxes.

Corrugated board sheets are made from a combination of two sheets of paper called liners glued to a corrugated inner medium called fluting. Commonly used sheets are single wall (triple layer) B (3 mm), C (4 mm) un E (1 mm micro-flute) corrugated board, and double wall (five layer) BC (7 mm), BB (6 mm) and BE (4,5 mm) corrugated board, where the material strength is ensured by the correct combination of paper sheets. Moisture resistant corrugated board types are also available. Corrugated board sheets are offered according to specific individual client requirements, or for further use for boxes, semi-finished products or partitions.

Corrugated board boxes are known worldwide as ecological, natural and environmentally friendly packaging material with wide range of uses. The entire box manufacturing processes, starting with design and ending with delivery to client, is under strict quality control. All materials used are certified. Corrugated board boxes can be manufactured using glue, staple, or joined with specialty hot-glues. Even small Corrugated board boxes orders can be made with multi-colour printing, various perforations, handle and ventilation holes.
Commonly used box types and layouts can be seen in the FEFCO (International Fibreboard Case code) catalogue.

There are two different box production methods used in our factory:
    Slotted boxes.
    Boxes are produced on in-line machines where creases, cuts and slots are done in conveyor form.
With this method we offer:
1) Common standard transportation and storage boxes,

2) Big "Extra" and "Mega" size boxes, for example for furniture packing;

3) Pallet-size "Jumbo", "IBC" and other large size container boxes with high strength walls, including also "octa bin" eight corner container boxes.
    Die-cut boxes.
    Complex boxes, or boxes with irregular configurations, are produced using specially prepared press-forms. Generally these are boxes with higher demands for strength, closure type or there may be other specific technological peculiarities, which are not possible to manufacture on slotting machines. For example, boxes for fruits, cookies, trays, box lids, special display boxes are produced in this way.